How it works Create. Collect. Spend.

01 — Create

Create your group

Simply tell us what you’re collecting for, how much everyone should contribute, and then invite friends via email, message or WhatsApp.

02 — Invite

Invite your friends, family and colleagues

Friends click to pay safely online and sign the card. We'll keep track and send reminders to late payers.

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Sam’s 30th

03 — Spend

Spend the money how you want

Buy gifts and eGift Cards from our retail partners, withdraw it, or split it. You can even donate a portion to charity!

Spending with us

Collect money and spend it on the perfect gift from one of our retail partners.

How It Works Step 1

1. Choose a gift

Buy an eGift Card, hampers or flowers from one of 70+ leading brands we’ve partnered with, or let the lucky recipient choose with an AnyCard. You can withdraw the cash for a tiny fee.

How It Works Step 2 Updated

2. Give your gift & card

We'll send you the gift and card to print & give physically, forward along as an email or share as a URL. If you're giving a group card & eGift Cards, they'll all be included together.

How It Works Step 3 Updated

3. Receiving the gift

The recipient will open their card online and see a beautiful gift box unwrap to reveal their gift, so nice! If you've sent flowers or a hamper, we'll include a link to the card with the gift.

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Send a card from everyone

Send a beautiful card filled with messages and pics from your group. Send it digitally or print and give. Want to let people sign the card without paying? It’s up to you.

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